It's been...9999999 years...

Hey #MuseMafia, 

So it has been quite some time since I last wrote a blog, and I've been contemplating starting it back up just because of the inconsistent post schedule...but I decided to anyway.  I just love writing, and it's…


Fans....friends...THANK YOU!

My fans - My friends… I just feel moved to write this, because “Thanks” doesn’t feel like enough to me.  If I could hug each an every one of you, I would.  If I could sit and listen to you…


I'm not sorry!!!!

My life was transformed when I finally stopped apologizing for every little thing. 

I hadn't realized how much I said that word.  "Sorry."  I've been in a few battering, abusive relationships, both mental/emotional and physical abuse, and it's actually…


Writer's Block ARGH!

Writer's block is that helpless, hopeless, slow-death feeling of not knowing what to create when you're in the setting and mode to create.  It's when the divine flow of creative energy just shuts off, like a kink in a hose…

Dream Big

"So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable." - Christopher Reeve 

AKA Freaking Superman.  SUPERMAN SAID THAT.  That should be enough to make…


Money Money Money

Any of you guys watch "SpongeBob"?  Remember that wacky red, greedy, money hungry Mr. Krabs?  All he cared about was money.  If he lost a dime, he would spazz out and even go so far as to cry or deceive…


I Used To Suck Really Bad.

I don't think there is a number in existence to tell you the amount of times I've thought about giving up.  Quitting.  Throwing in the towel.  I just couldn't bring myself to go through with actually quitting when the time…


Hey, Will You Fix My Plumbing For Free?

One question:  Do you do your job for free? 

By job, I mean: 





a paid position of regular employment. 

"jobs are created in the private sector, not in Washington" 

Susto, Kaleo, & The Lumineers - 3/2/2017

I had been looking forward to last night ever since I purchased the tickets back in December!  Kaleo and The Lumineers...two bands that are SO good I can't choose which one I like more! 

Susto, the first opener, was…


Concert Review - Amos Lee 2/24 Houston, TX

You know how great it feels after a long, arduous day at work, to come home, take a steaming hot bubble bath, drink a glass of wine, and crawl into soft silk sheets in bed and fall into the most…


You Are Your Friends

Did you know that if you surround yourself with douchebags, the magical fairy dust of douchebaggery will spread onto you and you will become a douchebag as well? 

In that same way, if you surround yourself with people who…


Be Okay Being Alone

If I've learned anything in my endeavors, it's how to be okay when I'm completely, utterly alone.  I never realized that a lot of people have issues with this - and I had it myself...I just didn't realize it until…