Concert Review - Amos Lee 2/24 Houston, TX

You know how great it feels after a long, arduous day at work, to come home, take a steaming hot bubble bath, drink a glass of wine, and crawl into soft silk sheets in bed and fall into the most restful sleep of your life? 

Well, that's what the Amos Lee concert last Friday felt like. 

It's one thing to listen to this man's smooth, soothing voice on a recording, but it's an entirely different experience to witness the full production in person.  I expected him to be good.  I just didn't expect him to be THAT good. 

First of all, I want to say that Amos is a cool guy.  I went to the show expecting just that - a show, but what I got was so much more, and it was without a doubt an experience that I wouldn't be able to forget if I wanted to - and I definitely don't want to.  Amos gave me the time of day.  He talked to me and we chatted briefly before his show.  That alone meant the world to an up-and-coming trying-to-breakthrough artist like myself.  I could tell instantly what an artist he was.  He just has that aura about him - that creative, kinda-there/kinda-not vibe that isn't rude at all.  I could just tell he is a creator, and he knows what he's doing.  He proved me right the instant he got on the stage and came to life. 

His voice is spot on.  I mean, he slayed every single note.  The band was tight.  They were many, but they played as one single entity.  I could only imagine the work and time that went into the single show I witnessed on Friday.  Amos' vocals are so smooth, so perfected.  To me, he's got those charming vocals like the classics - Sinatra with a little bit of something else, some sort of grit and rawness that I can't define.  His songwriting is just as impressive as his stage-presence and voice.  He doesn't "shake his ass" or perform for's quite obvious that Amos is performing because he IS the music.  He was grooving, feeling it, and it flowed through him.  The entire band was vibing and moving along with him, and it was truly a magical experience to be present.  His lyrics tell stories and provoke feelings that someone like me tends to turn off in daily life.  His songs are a reminder that we can all feel, even when we turn it off.  "Arms of a Woman" does just that.  Then, "Sweet Pea," another of his hits, ignites an almost childish happiness with its lyrics and melody. 

All in all, I highly recommend seeing Amos Lee and his band perform when you get the opportunity.  It was a flawless performance, and seeing them live will blow your mind, especially if he's an artist you already regularly listen to. Much respect, and thank you to Amos for giving little old me the time of day and really hearing what I had to say.  Awesome guy, awesome band, and I definitely don't regret a second of losing sleep to watch his show and hang out when I knew I had to be on a flight out before the dawn!

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