Fans....friends...THANK YOU! 

My fans - My friends… I just feel moved to write this, because “Thanks” doesn’t feel like enough to me.  If I could hug each an every one of you, I would.  If I could sit and listen to you vent, hear your problems, hear your hopes and dreams, the good and the bad…just be a friend - be there for you, I would.  If I could offer the best advice, should you ask for it, I would.  If I could make a living playing free music for you all for the rest of my life, I damn well would.  I am so grateful for all of you…

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I'm not sorry!!!! 

My life was transformed when I finally stopped apologizing for every little thing. 

I hadn't realized how much I said that word.  "Sorry."  I've been in a few battering, abusive relationships, both mental/emotional and physical abuse, and it's actually AMAZING how often I apologized - not only for the things I didn't exactly do right - but for every single tiny, insignificant thing.  Oh, I don't talk enough.  "I'm Sorry."  I forgot to wipe the counters down...forgot to turn the light off...I didn't read…

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Writer's Block ARGH! 

Writer's block is that helpless, hopeless, slow-death feeling of not knowing what to create when you're in the setting and mode to create.  It's when the divine flow of creative energy just shuts off, like a kink in a hose, and the ideas just won't flow.  You're blocked.  There's something obstructing the way, and the creator cannot create. 

I have experienced writer's block SO many times, and through my experiences, I've learned (and it may be different for others) that it's triggered by: 

- Lack of…

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Dream Big 

"So many of our dreams at first seem impossible, then they seem improbable, and then, when we summon the will, they soon become inevitable." - Christopher Reeve 

AKA Freaking Superman.  SUPERMAN SAID THAT.  That should be enough to make you want to dream enormous dreams that make other people look at you like you're insane! 

I have noticed throughout my 26 years on this interesting (to say the least) planet that people who dream big are often the most criticized and challenged.  I fully believe that this…

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Money Money Money 

Any of you guys watch "SpongeBob"?  Remember that wacky red, greedy, money hungry Mr. Krabs?  All he cared about was money.  If he lost a dime, he would spazz out and even go so far as to cry or deceive someone else so he could get his money back. 

...Or If any of you have read or watched "The Hobbit," you know of the greedy, heartless dragon Smaug who guarded his hoard of gold, money, and treasure and (SPOILER ALERT) died, leaving it all in the mountain. 

I found myself - it was super recently, actually…

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